Petrol & Diesel Engine rebuild process

The engine is stripped. The rocker cover/ box is then removed and any rocker gear or camshaft assembly. The first part of the engine fix!

The cylinder head bolts are then removed and the cylinder head is lifted off the engine block. All bolts and parts placed in special containers readied for the cleaning hot tank. The engine is then inverted and the engine sump is removed. The engines front seal and rear oil seals and housing are removed.

The engines oil pump and balance shaft assemblies are removed, followed by the engines connecting rod nuts/bolts. The con rods and pistons are removed from the engine block and the con rod caps and nuts/bolts refitted. The engines main bearing caps are then removed and the crankshaft is lifted out. All gaskets and oil seals are removed before cleaning. The engine is now stripped and ready for cleaning. When removed after several hours cleaning each component is taken to the department in which it will be machined.