Engine Machining Services

Hi and thank you for taking the time to read about our Engine Machining services. What ever your requirement, we can help!

Saving the one of only 5 Buggati with a Straight 8!

There is nothing we cannot do and after 35 years of boring, grinding, fitting Cylinder liners and building Engines.  Alan page is fully confident and capable to undertake any machining jobs, with or with out issues that others may be unable to do!  Alan refers to a straight 8 BUGGATI Engine Block that required a cylinder liner.  Three gentlemen, all Mechanical Engineers, employed to maintain a private collection of cars in South London, arrived with the Buggati Engine Block.

The vehicles owner attended the meeting with Alan and two of the Mechanics. Alan measured the Block and reported that he could/would fit a new Cylinder Liner to the Engine Block.  The owner showed concern that these blocks previously did not have liners fitted and did not wish to lose this Block under any circumstance.

It was then shared that this was 'One of only 5 known cars world wide'.  This gentleman owned Two!  Alan assured them this would indeed work as new.

If not original, it would be almost impossible to tell and only a trained eye would recognise the repair.

After Two full days and only permission to work on the Engine Block while the owners representatives were in attendance. (What pressure!)

We are able to fit steel liners to most Porsche Engines.  Porsche Crank Cases often split and would therefore require a new Engine Crank Case.

We can supply and fit specially made steel liners with a Flange top to stop slipping. (see picture).  These cylinder liners can be fitted to any engine.

If you have a cracked bore or liner we can fix it.


Please take a look at our Engine rebuild services (Petrol and Diesel) for the private motorist or the transport industry as well as Marine Engines.  We can rebuild Engines and fix all Engines to all vehicles including Classic cars such as MG, Triumphs, Jaguars, Ford xf Engines and Ford Pinto Engines amongst others.

A Selection of our Engines Services

Engine repairs

Exchange Engines

Engine Re bore

Cylinder Head reconditioning

Block re facing

Blown Head Gaskets

Cylinder liners

Crankshaft Re-grinding

Valve Seats

Diesel Engines and Petrol

Con Rod re sizing

Pistons Rngs

Marine Engines

Classic Cars Engines

Repairs and Rebuiilds

A P Engines are based in Charlton, Southeast London and Thanet Kent.  I can machine all engine components.

Vehicle servicing, Brake Pads and discs, MOT Testing, Air con Re gas.

 We do all machining and rebuilding in house no component has to leave our premises for cleaning, machining or assembly. 

Full Engine Rebuilds carry Warranty is 12 months.  This excludes labour costs and engine must be returned as it left . with out ancillary parts unless asked for.