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AP Vehicle Brokerage Service


Sale or return (SOR) 

We will advertise your car for a given period agreed by both parties, the car will be prepared for sale, this includes any paint, wheel damage and service work if due.

This will be deducted from sale price and AP cars will take a fee that will be agreed before hand. The prep work will only be done with your full approval and a fixed price will be agreed, in case car is not sold.



Ford Fiesta 2004 no mot, untidy, high mileage.  Max trade offer £700.00

A P Cars provided 2 wheel refurbs, new door trim and engine service.  Cost to owner £189.00

A P Cars then sold the car for £1450.oo, less £189 refurb costs and £200 S.O.R. Fee, returning the owner £1061.00.  That's £361 more than he was initially offered.

The S.O.R. fee and period are agreed before any advertisement is placed, as is the prep works costings.

Interested in SOR call Alan or Sharon on 01843 825893. 07970 856675.

Warranty On S.O.R. cars is Mechanical Failure policy at extra cost if required.

Thank you for placing your trust in AP Cars.