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About Us

My name is Alan Page. 
My passion has always been motor cars, thanks to my late father Terry.  I have grown up around cars as Dad always owned a garage and raced Minis,  as far back as I can remember.  I  spent my weekends helping in the garage from the age of 10.
At the age of Sixteen I  started an Engine Reconditioning Company, which still trades today with myself and two brothers.
During the last 30 years at Southern Engines I have made many connections with Main Dealers  and  car traders.  In 2008/9 I was approached so many times for cars that I decided to trade a little and test the ground.  To my amazement I now have families that will not buy a car from any one else but myself and have sold 2  or 3 cars to the same family.
The success of my Engine Company is based upon honesty, value and fairness.   I like to think I treat my customers as  I would wish to be treated.
This I will repeat with A P CARS KENT.
All vehicles are of  a very high quality and low mileage.  Vehicles can be sourced to your specification.
Any information or requirements will be met and it is my sincere hope that you will return for a vehicle time and again.